Frogs in my underpants

Blow the bacterial infections away from you. 

One of the tricks the spammers use is to hide their message in a picture and add hidden text to get past the  spam filters.   I have Outlook configured to hide pictures until I ask for them, so I don’t suppose I’m seeing the message as the spammers intended it.

The bit about frogs caught my attention (I must have been bored).  I Have to wonder where they get the raw material for the text.

This one is selling Viagra, by the way.

You just need to put thoose link on picture to get visit our store

there’s a tiny restaurant

and a delicious coke.
i am not going to worry…about a thing.

she’s cute
when she does these weekends she fills up really fast so don’t wait- if you need color and/or cut and/or face waxing at very reasonable prices email her promptly and she’ll get you booked and give you directions.

may you always have courage to take a chance and never find frogs in your underpants.
my happy little life

haha, that’s my girl. pug
cate was so happy she began yelling “let’s give a hand to springtime!

my homekeeping secrets
and you eat with your sunglasses on

this image of silke stoddard’s knitting is burned into my mind and tatooed on my heart.
i LOVE this picture and am so inspired to keep the needles moving.

2. to keep the bedrooms clear i throw all the dirty laundry in the laundry room and shut the door. out of sight, out of mind!
i am so grateful for quiet time with the scriptures.

where you can get great steak and shrimp
but then again, we looove roadtrips.

in a tiny town in idaho
i found that amazing old shirt (we’re big fans) at the thrift store for $1 and it’s so soft.

when you need to be home, may you find your way.
you sit at the counter

the best part of dinner was the irish soda bread- it was so so good, and it’s really easy to make.
and my wheels are turning with projects to put together for a locals knitting class.

let’s give a hand to the world, for everything it can do!!
and you are happy.

corned beef is cheap meat, a head of cabbage is less than 50 cents, and i bet you have all the ingredients for the bread in your cupboard. you should make this meal tonight!
i am blocking my two latest projects today and will show them tomorrow.

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