The Old New Thing : A burglar tells you the best place to hide your money

The Old New Thing : A burglar tells you the best place to hide your money

I like The Old New Thing.  Raymond mixes  interesting (to me) tidbits about Windows programming and history with, well, regular stuff.  And it continues to be interesting far more often than not.  Most of the blogs I have started reading have become stale quite quickly.

Anyway, this is the launching point for advice from a former burglar on where and where not to hide your money.

Best advice?

  • Leave some money somewhere – so the burglar will “win” and stop tearing your place up.
  • Leave a list in your desk drawer of the stuff you put in the safe deposit box at the bank.  Make one up 🙂
  • Tell your spouse where you hid the money!

In part two,  our burglar points out that real burglars are not like TV burglars.  (shocking!).  Most of them are feeding a drug habit.  While they are looking for your valuables, they will check for drugs.  Don’t hide your money where you would hide your drugs.  For those of us who don’t know where illegal drugs belong, don’t put your money:

  • In or around the toilet
  • In the refrigerator
  •  In the medicine cabinet
  • In a cereal box

And finally, if you have a secret-compartment-in-an-ordinary-object piggy bank, put it where the ordinary-object belongs.  “When you find a Campbell’s soup can in the bedroom, you have a pretty good idea there is money inside”

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