Blogging in my sleep

I spent much of last night planning a post.  Sadly, when the time came to actually get up and do it, my enthusiasm for the subject drained away.  It involved something about photographs of email chains. about something interesting.

It is interesting how the big (or last) thing on my mind when I go to sleep often takes possession of my dreams.

Why does dream stuff seem to drain away like fog in the morning?  I read an interesting theory in Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware. Dreams live in the right (or Rich) brain – the creative half.  Language lives in the left (or Logical) half. The two halves cannot communication effectively with each other, especially in men.  As soon as you start explaining or analyzing the dream stuff, the L brain activates and chokes out the R brain — and the information it is trying to examine!

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