Woohoo! I’m Popular. (hey — wait a minute…)

I have a lot more visitors than comments.  I suppose that’s typical.

Nonetheless, I like comments.  I decided today to drop the bar on comment submission to see what will happen.  I took a look at my registered subscribers and got a shock.  I have 69 registered users!  Wow – I had no idea!

But wait a minute – take a look at the email addresses:


I don’t want to expose any sensitive data on a real user, so I posted this as an image and obscured any data that looked legitimate. If you’re a real person, let me know and I’ll scrub the image some more.

I’m expecting lots of comment spam followed by a policy change.

At this point, it’s more than a guess.  I consulted my oracle on a few of these addresses (including Mr. Obama’s) and get  hits at BotScout.com (“We catch bots so you don’t have to”) and Stop Forum Spam.

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