Free Money!

 I have Great News!

Our furnace went out last week.  As always with these things, the timing is incovenient.  We’re in a cold snap right now in the Colorado Mountains, we expect some guests over Christmas.
We can’t afford to pay the $3410 bill right now, so we decided to borrow the money and go another $3410 into debt.  Our repair guy is wonderful, and he found a reconditioned unit he can use — and that will save us about $2000.
That’s great news, because we can really use the money.  I’m writing a family proposal now about how we can spend the extra $2000 we now have at our disposal – and just before Christmas!  I’m thinking about buying bicycles for my kids (to ride this spring) and maybe promising to pay them for sealing the asphalt (in the spring), so they will be able to spend more on Christmas presents. I think I will hire three neighborhood kids to feed our lizard, to preserve neighborhood jobs.

My friend has even better news!

His son is unemployed and can’t pay his bills, and he can’t get any more credit.  My friend racked up $34,100 on his credit cards in order to keep his son from losing his house, his car, his ski-doo, and his vacation condo.  Well, his son’s employment situation recovered more quickly than expected, and he was able to pay back some of the money. The whole credit thing is going to cost my friend $20,000 less than he originally projected.  What an opportunity!  There is so much he could do with the $20,000.  He might have his driveway repaved with European cobblestones, or maybe hire a cook and a maid.

In an unrelated story,

the U.S. Government recently added 341 billion ($341,000,000,000) to its deficit to bail out our troubled financial sector.  It appears that the losses will be about $200 billion less than they projected.  President Obama and his staff are preparing proposals for spending the windfall.  In order to stimulate the job market right away, some of the money will probably be spent on transportation and infrastructure projects (to be started next spring, at the earliest).  To stimulate the economy (production of useful goods and services), some money will be given to States to preserve public sector jobs.

(our furnace didn’t really go out)
Administration to slash bailout cost estimate – Yahoo! News
Administration to slash bailout cost estimate

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