How To Remove a Stuck Light Bulb

I have a bulb that won’t come out.  To make it worse, it’s in a fixture over the stairs and I need a special ladder to get any leverage.

Lot’s of people have this problem, and you can find Many solutions.

Unfortunately, most of these solutions are about getting  more leverage on the bulb (I had enough leverage on the bulb to break the fixture, thanks) and many talk about what to do if the bulb breaks.

I ended up breaking the bulb, and using a needle nose pliers to mangle, then extract many small bits of lightbulb base.
Here’s my lesson.  Maybe somebody will find it.
If you have to break the bulb on purpose, wrap it in duct tape first.

That makes it kinda hard to break,  but it transforms a huge mess into a little gray bag-o-glass.  Neat.

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