The Stand-up Economist

I may not be ahem completely normal, but I really enjoyed this video.

Yoram Bauman, the stand-up economist translates Mankiw’s ten principles of economics into English.


“Microeconomists are people who are wrong about specific things.  Macroeconomists are wrong about things in general”

If you liked that one, you might also enjoy this one.

My favorite line: “One of the challenges of being an economics comedian is that it’s very difficult to find places to practice.”  No kidding.
At about 3:30, he compares the current economy to a hamster.

On this topic, I highly recommend several economics books I scored when my wife got them from the library.  All make excellent in-the-car listening.  No really.

I never managed to take Econ in college.Basic Economics was clear, concise, well read (in audio), and fascinating.
The Housing Boom and Bust The Housing Boom and Bust.

More on economics, but using the 2009 housing bust as a framework.  Again, really interesting.

Applied Economcs: Thinking Beyond Stage One

I’m cheating to put this one up because I haven’t finished it yet.  I listened to parts of several CDs of the audio version, and so far it sounds just as riveting as the others.

It should be required reading for all voters.

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