A Couple of Ads

I came across a couple of advertisements this week I thought were clever.

I have been doing a bit of running at the gym, so I’m getting an unaccustomed taste of TV advertisements.  This one keeps catching my eye.  I like the way it starts with something ordinary, then builds and overlays the sounds to make something new.  Reminds me of the old Coke I’d-Like-To-Teach-The-World-To-Sing commercial.

The other is a print advertisement for color bleach that comes from a blog about advertising I follow – AdGoodness.

You will want to view this full size.

If you move your head farther away, there appears to be a stain on the shirt.  Move your head close up, and it disappears.  You get some of the effect by focusing directly on the image versus off to the side.

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