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February Link Clearance – some cool games

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Fantastic Contraptions

Fantastic Contraption

Link rolling wheels together with sticks and water bars to create a contraption that will carry the ball to the goal.

It’s harder than it looks.  Once you finish the game you can play and create custom levels, and you can see the outlandish solutions submitted by addicts.

I finished the game (eventually), including one I solved the hard way because I didn’t realize I could scroll to the right.

Let me know if you can finish it too!



The concept is simple.  You get to make a certain number of cuts to make the happy face roll into the goal.  You must have a light sabre, because it cuts everything!

I finished this on in about an hour – let me know in the comments how long it takes you.


Flow started as Jenova Chen’s MFA thesis exploring Flow Theory in games.

It’s a beautifully simple, addictive game that adapts to your skill level.  Extra credit for playing without looking at any instructions 🙂

Flow has been further developed for the Playstation.  I recommend you download the game from one of the mirror links (1, 2, 3) as the online version seems to be a bit skippy.  You can just run the program – it does not need to be installed.



Lemmings is an old classic, now implemented in dynamic HTML so you can play it in a browser.

The lemmings just walk – off a cliff, into lava, … – unless you can save them.

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense

This game is an entrepreneurial  icon.  The author of this game posted it on his website, and it caught on.  It spread like wildfire and the author made a fortune from the ad revenue on his site.  He quit his programming job and started The Casual Collective (see Splitter above) to encourage other independent game developers.

The Ongoing Saga of Frogs in Underpants

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Frogs in my underpants.

Continued from here and here.

How to Stop Losing Your Stuff

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Some of us are absent minded. We lose stuff. We forget where we keep it; we forget where we leave it.. We leave our cell phones in the coffee shop, our wallet in our car, our glasses on the bureau, and in my case, I sometimes run around looking for my keys with my right hand, not noticing I’m holding them in my left. There’s a reason the neighborhood kids weren’t allowed to play with me growing up.

If this has ever happened to you, you might need this advice from the Get-It-Done Guy.  If not, you might enjoy it anyway.

I liked the style of this column.  I guess I’ll sign up for a while.

You can get on his mailing list here.