A couple of weeks ago my family was in a nasty car wreck.  A Jeep Liberty lost control in the snow, crossed over to our lane and hit us head-on with a combined speed of about 100 MPH.   Thank God, all of us will be OK.  I believe the 3 occupants of the other car are all out of the hospital now also.

We all got to ride to the hospital on a surfboard, and it took a week for all of us to dribble back out.  Interestingly,  size seems to be the critical factor in our injuries.  I was not admitted (didn’t squeal loud enough, I guess).  My 14 year old son was released the next morning with no serious injuries.  My 12 year old stayed another couple of days and has a broken collarbone and ankle.  My wife, who is the most delicately-boned (and the prettiest), and therefore deemed the “smallest”, stayed for almost a week.  She has broken ribs, broken sternum, two broken metacarpals (in her hand) and some really nasty bruising, all from the seatbelt.  These are painful injuries that will take a few months to heal.

I could not be more proud of my family.  Nobody freaked out in the car.  My wife’s first priorities were to calm the kids and to thank God we were all in one piece.  My youngest was stuck in the emergency room and trauma ward alone all night, and handled it magnificently.  My older son has been extraordinarily patient and helpful as we have needed much from him.

This has kept me from posting for a while, and will affect my posts (and everything else), both frequency and content, for a while yet.

Be careful driving in bad weather, and watch out for the other guy.  (and be big)


3 Responses to “Ouch!”

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  2. So glad you guys weren’t hurt worse. Praying for complete healing for y’all. Of course many a good story starts with “See this scar”

  3. Darin says:

    Thanks, Jeanette.
    I tried to convince Elijah that one day we would all look back on this and laugh, but he was skeptical (while we were still in the emergency room).
    For the record, we have already had some laughs out of it, and hours and hours of interesting stories.