Best 4th of July Ever

Late yesterday evening, July 4, a summer squall moved over town and dropped the biggest, loudest, most dramatic load of hail I have ever seen.  We dropped what we were doing and just watched with much running about, shouting, and laughter — mostly when I attempted to retrieve the first huge hailstone and was rewarded with an impressive welt on the shoulder. (like, what did I expect, anyway – certainly not sympathy!)  We left the car in the driveway, and I felt compelled to cover the hood with a blanket.   This time I had a jacket over my head, but I guess it slipped and I got beaned on my bald head.  Hail goes “DIIIIIIING”, if you ever wondered.

Levi summed it up best; “This was the best Fourth of July EVER!”

Here are a couple of pictures for scale:


And here are a couple for scope:


I’m amazed at these little guys.  We were still marveling about the  storm when the hummingbirds returned.  This little guy drank like he was starving. He probably was – I’m sure they all had to hide out with no food for at least 10 minutes.



I just read on NOAA that they broke out the snowplows to clear the road.  In July!

Severe thunderstorms dumped quarter size hail in Woodland Park (20 miles northwest of Colorado Springs). There were reports of marble-size hail 4 inches deep just north of Woodland Park. Several vehicles slid off the roadway due to the hail and sustained minor damage. Snow plows were used to remove the hail from the road. Lightning struck a transformer in Woodland Park, causing a brief power outage. 

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