Link Roundup – Crime Fighting With Glass, Peak Oil vs. Manure, Fireflies, and Men are Lame at Colors

Here’s my attempt to pass on some interesting stuff, and leave room to write about something substantial later.

First, some new links that have been forcing me to keep Firefox open for most of a week:

The Sure Don’t Make Pyrex Like They Used To

Most people probably don’t think of Corning as a crime fighting company, but when it sold its Pyrex brand to World Kitchen in 1998, the company accidentally made the illegal manufacture of crack cocaine more difficult—a fascinating example of unintended consequences.

(via Schneier on Security)

Fisher Investments has a good explanation about why we can’t extrapolate the future from today in  A Common Thread Between Horse Manure and Peak Oil.

Second, some old links from the backlog.

Tracking Fireflies in the forest

Cool photography project.  Read the article at Flowing Data.

How Men and Women Label Colors

This is part of the results of an experiment in which visitors were asked to name colors. I find the analysis below amusing, and even less complimentary of my gender than I would have predicted.

His calculation of most masculine and feminine colors is by far the most interesting part of the results, however. Here are the top five feminine colors, by finding the ones that were most disproportionately used by women:

  1. Dusty Teal
  2. Blush Pink
  3. Dusty Lavender
  4. Butter Yellow
  5. Dusky Rose

Not bad, right? The colors are flowery and descriptive. Nothing surprising there. Now here’s the top five masculine colors:

  1. Penis
  2. Gay
  3. WTF
  4. Dunno
  5. Baige

The only real color in the list is “baige” — and it was misspelled. Like Randall, I also weep for my gender. Although, I think these results also say a lot about the type of people who read xkcd (like me).

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