Link Roundup – July

Here’s to interesting stuff and not enough time:

First Follower

This is an educational voice-over on an old viral video (Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy).
Follow the link for a transcript.

America’s Worst Mom

A lot of people say she’s America’s worst mom. What do you think? (I think a lot of people are pansies)

Some People Just Won’t Listen
.. or why you shouldn’t bank at Starbucks

If someone sent me a message from my own account, telling me what I’m drinking right now, I’d listen to his advice.

You’d think that with the name scratch, people wouldn’t expect it to be around for a long time

This is funny, because we have a “scratch” drive at work. Our IT guys (who are excellent, by the way) found it necessary to add folders named “___SCRATCH_IS_NOT_BACKED_UP” and “zzzSCRATCH_IS_NOT_BACKED_UP”. I’ll bet the target audience still didn’t get the message.

Some excellent answers to almost any post on any biking forum.

* No bike does everything perfectly. In fact, no bike does anything until someone gets on it to ride.
* The more you ride your bike, the less your *** will hurt.


Great advice in any context:
Maybe the person you waved at while you were out riding didn’t see you wave at them.

This was probably in response to people like this (warning: not polite)

Beethoven’s 5th – Salsa

Don’t need a computer? Finally, there’s a non-computer device for you.

PALO ALTO, CA—Hewlett-Packard announced Friday the release of the first-ever non-computer, a fully unusable device specially designed to address the demands of individuals who have absolutely no need to own a computer.

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