How Cowboys & Aliens got Smurfed – just OUCH

Ouch.  That hurts.

Cowboys & Aliens, Smurfs Tie at Box Office with $36M Each – TIME
For many, the surprise this weekend was not that The Smurfs did so well but that Cowboys & Aliens had such a wan debut. With a budget of $163 million, plus another bundle for marketing costs, the film mostly attracted the geezer demographic (63% of the weekend audience was over 30), and even with that, it managed only a mediocre B CinemaScore, which bodes ill for the movie’s shelf life. Universal publicist Paul Pflug wrote in an e-mail on Sunday that “the pedigree of the filmmakers and bold concept made the film a bet worth taking.” Yet plenty of indicators could have warned the sponsors of Cowboys & Aliens that this was a sucker’s bet. Here are four:

My concept of geezerhood requires a few more decades.

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