The Free Monkey Problem

 This is an entertaining take on the high cost of free:

The Free Monkey Problem: The High Cost of Free Things | Credit Karma Blog
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, unless your monkey steals it for you.

They mention one of Dan Ariely’s findings (from Predictably Irrational)  – when Amazon introduced FREE shipping, sales skyrocketed everywhere except France.  It turns out that the French division offered 1 Franc ($.20) shipping instead of FREE.  Apparently, skipping the Franc expense was worth buckets of money to consumers.

There is no question that things exact costs from us, even when they are FREE – we have to store them, insure them, clean and maintain them, perhaps even use them (so we won’t have wasted our money).  Try calculating the cost of the storage space in your home and compare it to the value of the stuff you have in it.

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